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Are You and Your Child Reading Enough?

Turn back the pages a few years and remember the days when you and a book were the best of friends.

When you fast-forward, there’s a good chance that you’ve fallen way behind on your reading desires.

From work to raising a family and more, it can be easy to miss out on some great reading.

While you may have time to read online news or your local paper, chances are books are piling up at home for you to peruse. If so, when do you think you will get around to some of them?

It can be even worse when you have children who do not take enough time to read good books.

Part of growing up is sitting down with a good book and making like nothing else is going on around one. Children’s books can also provide an educational boost for your young one as he or she grows.

So, if you and your child are not doing enough reading, is it time to change that?

Going Online for Some Helpful Hints

In wanting to read more books, keep these helpful hints in mind for both you and your children:

  1. Online reading ideas – If you’re not sure what books may be best suited for your child, get ideas through the web. For instance, iOS book apps can help you with suggestions on which books may get their attention. Since many kids start online earlier than their older siblings did, apps make sense. As more titles become available, you and your child will have a larger sampling with which to choose reading materials from. Best of all, the time spent on the computer will help train your child to learn his or her way around the digital world. Since many schools make some computer learning a must, your child will know their way around the web at an earlier age.
  2. Knowing what is not appropriate – As the parent, it is your job to know if a book is not appropriate for your child’s age. For example, any books with images that could scare your son or daughter would not be a good idea. The same goes for any publications that may have rough language in them. As your child’s reading comprehension grows, they can tackle more involved reading. This is also true when it comes to the length of books. Start your child out on simple books and grow in pages from there.
  3. What should you be reading? – Being an adult means having all kinds of responsibilities. That said you need your alone time as everyone else does. As an example, do you have an upcoming trip planned with the family or even a little time for you during a business trip? Picking out a good book or two is a great way to unwind. Picture yourself poolside or at the beach with a good book in-hand. Before you know it, you will get lost in the book and forget all about your problems. You know, those work deadlines, the thought of finding a new job, and even children getting on your nerves.

If you and your child have not been putting your noses into a good book or two as of late, it is time to start.

Remember, the last thing you want is to read about all the good reading you guys are missing out on.