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Why You Should Use Personality Tests to Hire the Best People

Making the right hiring decision can be a challenge. Companies often spend valuable resources--both time and money--hiring employees that they believe to be a good fit for the company. But sometimes a new hire isn't a good fit, and the hiring process begins all over again. 

What if there was a program that could predict the best candidate based on scientific calculations? This is where personality tests come in. When businesses use personality tests ( to compare potential candidates, making the right hiring decision is no longer a challenge. This brings us to the first reason why you should use personality tests to hire the best people: 

Personality tests take the guesswork out of hiring 

When guesswork is no longer part of the equation, you can make hiring decisions with confidence. You can really get to know the candidates before hiring them, and job fit scores show areas in which they hit or miss job targets. 

Objective candidate data, combined with predictive analytics, is used to improve recruiting results. A research team analyzes employee traits and builds profiles to help you decide who to hire next, based on common traits. 

Today's assessment technology is highly accurate. It can help employers understand a number of things about a candidate: 

  • his/her motivators
  • personality traits
  • problem-solving abilities
  • learning capabilities
  • how they process information
  • whether they have the talent to succeed
  • his/her assertiveness
  • spatial visualization
  • whether they like following rules
  • how they respond to pressure

Not only can this information be used to make hiring decisions, but it can be used after the hiring process is complete as a way to understand employees' varying personalities. 

Personality tests save businesses valuable resources 

People are complex, and it can take months to determine whether someone is truly a good fit for a position. By then, lots of time and money has been spent hiring and training an employee. Time and money are valuable resources that could be better spent elsewhere within the company. 

Prevent wasted resources by using a personality test to hire the best candidate. You will understand immediately something that would otherwise take months to find out. Candidates can even be compared for multiple positions, so if they aren't a good fit for one position, they could potentially be hired in another department. 

Personality tests help streamline the interview process 

Different managers have different interview styles. This means the interview process can be inconsistent within a company that has multiple hiring managers. 

Personality tests can help streamline the interview process and make it more consistent. It reduces unintentional discrimination and biases, putting candidates on an even playing field. Additionally, it helps employers avoid legal issues that can be caused by unintentionally judging a candidate by the way they look, their gender, or other factors that shouldn't be considered during the hiring process. 

Instead, personality tests use information about an individual's personality to determine whether he or she is a good fit for a particular job. 


A resume and an in-person interview are great for highlighting a candidate's experience and skills. But because people are so complex, these two tools alone don't always help to hire managers understand how a candidate thinks or what motivates them. This is where personality tests come in. They can help businesses find the best fit for a position on the first try, rather than spending valuable time and money on an employee who isn't the best fit for that position. 

Personality tests use a scientific method to compare various traits and determine who is the best candidate for a job, taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.