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How to get more visitors to your business through organic marketing.

Getting visitors to your business website can be difficult.  

Search engines change the way they work daily and users of websites expect a certain standard of website, otherwise they click that dreaded back button and when that happens your website gets ranked lower in the search results which ultimately leads to fewer website visitors and sales.

In this article, I will tell you exactly how to get more visitors to your website and how to keep them on your website so that search engines like Google know that your website is a trusted source of information.

Here are my top tips on how to get more organic search traffic to your business website.

Don't use outdated tactics.

Using tactics that used to work in the year 2000 will do more damage to your search engine traffic than good.  A popular tactic back 5 years ago was to spam the keyword you were trying to rank for as many times as possible on a page.

If you were trying to rank for the keyword "combination vanity units" for example you would enter that keyword onto your web page 100's of times, however, Google knows that this is trying to trick the system and it just ignores it.  

These days it's much better to build links pointing at your website to include the brand name of your website.  A brand, for example, would be:

- Victoria Plumbing.

- Soak.

- Bathroom Supastore.

By building a brand your website becomes more trusted and shows higher in the search engines.

Create content that can be shared.

Content that can be shared by your users on social media and any other way people can share content these days is going to benefit your business.

If you owned a local plumbing business, you could create an online tutorial showing others how to fix their boiler when the pilot light goes out, how to bleed a radiator or even how to protect your pipes in the winter.

Content that isn't selling anything and is useful often gets shared online and multiple websites link back to it.  The more people who link to your content, the more your website is going to be trusted by the search engines. 

Earning backlinks is difficult, but there are a few good link building tutorials out there. 

Trusted websites can expect more website traffic, more visibility and more sales or enquiries for your services.

Optimise your website for search.

Depending on what your website is built on will depend on what software you can use to optimise your website for search.

60% of the web runs on WordPress, if you use WordPress you can optimise your website by installing software like Yoast.  Yoast will allow you to enter meaningful SEO titles and descriptions that will let your website visitors know exactly what your page is about.

Monitor your efforts.

Increasing your organic search volume can take time, so don't get down if your website traffic hasn't exploded overnight.  Some organic marketing campaigns can take years to execute, so it's very important that you monitor your efforts.

A ranking increase here and there will show you that you are heading in the right direction.  Some tools to monitor the progress of your website include:

- SEM Rush

- Ahrefs

- SerpBook

If you Google any of the above you can take out trials on all of them.


Getting organic traffic to your website is tough but achievable.  With laser-guided focus and a content marketing strategy, you can compete with some of the biggest companies in the world.  A website with search visibility can change a business around.

If you have any organic marketing techniques that have worked for you please share them in the comments below.