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What Makes a Telstra Loyalist?

With telecom companies, as well as internet and mobile service providers popping up everywhere, it’s not only difficult for corporations to keep themselves relevant, but it’s also quite confusing for the customers who aren’t sure of who to choose and for what.

In such tumultuous times, we have the company called Telstra that has, without fail, managed to overcome every adversary over the years, and has not only retained their consumer following, but significantly increased it.

So how has this company managed to accomplish that? What makes a Telstra Loyalist? The answer is actually not that complicated. It’s just three-fold. Read on to find out more.

Great Loyalty Programs

One of the first things that have a significant impact on the company’s ability to attract and retain customer’s loyalty is the compensation or reward offered by the institution to its loyal followers. Telstra has really turned itself around in this department. While they did struggle with their customer retention a few years ago, the introduction of a specialist rewards program for loyal consumers called “Thanks” really acted as a game-changer for the telecom magnate. The loyalty program recognises the consumer’s allegiance towards the brand by rewarding them with multiple benefits such as exclusive movie tickets, event partnerships, as well as discounted access to sporting and music experiences such as AFL and NRL football matches and concerts.

A Wide Variety of Telstra Broadband Plans

Secondly, another factor that works in securing a customer’s loyalty for the Telstra brand are the wide range of Broadband plans available for consumers to choose from. There are ten plus pre-made bundles and service plans for consumers to choose from depending on their requirement, needs and usage, such as the individual plans for senior users of Telstra. The service plans can also be customised to suit individual requirements and needs. All it takes is a phone call to their helpline, or a visit to their customer care centre.

What’s even better for loyal consumers of Telstra is that they can easily consider and compare the available bundles and plans online to select the ones that suit them best. Many websites even offer a full list of bundled Telstra broadband plans for consumers to surf through before they make their decision.

Dedicated Customer Services Team

Lastly, the tactic that really draws customers in towards Telstra and their services is the dedicated customer services team employed by the brand. Not only do the customer care representatives regularly call and follow up with their existing customers to inquire about their services, but they also offer better deals and incentives to up their services and service plans. Telstra representatives are available 24/7 through all social media platforms, offering customers the opportunity to have their voices heard as soon as an issue arises. What’s more, the company actually strives to resolve the problem as soon as humanly possible. What more can one ask for?