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Amazing Stars To Have Turned Instagram Into Full Time Career Based Jobs

Even just five years ago, Instagram was nowhere to be seen. Right now, there are 1 billion of users, who are snapping, sharing and filtering over 700 million photos on a daily basis! Now that’s what you call a change. With the growing number of users on a daily basis, this app will definitely go a long way and just beyond brunch photos and it has become one major driver. There are some bright and brilliant women, who have cracked IG code to turn the likes right into living.

They have already built large audiences on the Instagram and they love and appreciate the work these women have put up. These audiences have helped them to earn some huge bucks in the market. It is not at all any kind of gimmick career. There is always a great value to what people are creating. Talking with these experts and asking them about their hard work and talent will help find the best and rewarding help. You can get some valid information about that from Gramblast for sure.

Katie Rodgers the artist:

What she earned through Instagram is enough to quit job that she was going for and move into one bedroom on the Upper East Side. The money she makes provides her the opportunity to travel as well. The salary, she is earning right now, has multiplied since her corporate days. She has always loved watercolors. So, when she actually joined Instagram, she thought of showing off her paintings that she did during her free time.

  • The big break came to her when few fashion magazines started highlighting the work. She is still not sure how these companies found her. Some of the brands like Valentino and Coach asked her to create some of the digital videos and watercolors to showcase their items or just fit right into advertising campaigns.
  • She is quite happy and at the same time blown away by the kind of projects she had to handle. Recently, she has created digital campaign for the Cartier using some pieces they sent to her and told her to be creative.
  • At some point of time, she is known to make fabric pints for the clothing designers. She is currently working on wallpaper line. So, it is not hard to say that Instagram provided her with the right platform for making a living right out of her passion.

Shirley Braha, your dog mama:

When she was asked about her income, she gladly reported that she is able to sustain her lifestyle from before, when she used to have a full time job. She is not at all stressed out about paying the rent like she used to before.  When she first adopted Marnie, everyone was sure that this dog will be an Internet sensation one day.

She was working with a show on MTV which ended and she was not doing any job. Therefore, after few months of no work, she ends up making an Instagram page for her dog. Within the first month, she got 400 followers, which was like a lot at that time. So, she decided on paying some more attention to what resonated with people and started doing more of that. At this present moment, her dog’s Instagram page has 1.2 million followers!

She does not work on any sponsored posts, but she made 2015 calendar out of photos she took of her dog and sold it to the Marnie’s Tumblr. So, she is mainly living of that now along with some fees for few videos. Her life has completely changed since then and she is earning from something she loves to do. Yes, maintaining this form of IG page will definitely come with some stress, but that is equal with any kind of job.

Ali Muffucci – your food entrepreneur:

Let’s just get straight to the point! From what she is doing, she is earning around $50 to $70K on a yearly basis. It was sad to know that her mother is a type 1 diabetic so she always had to ear whole and healthy foods. That helped her to come across a spiralizer, which is a tool, used for cutting raw vegetables into noodles. She was just blown away by this tool and started making some dishes and posting on IG.

  • For the first time, it was just for fun and then soon strangers started following her. There were some posts which were tagged #inspiralized, and she used to comment on those and starts to get more followers like that.
  • She even once wrote a guest post on someone else’s blog and that got linked to the IG account. Right now, she is enjoying over 74K followers in her account, which is a huge success for her to consider.
  • It was her audience which forced her to turn her passion for healthy eating and cooking into one career. She later published one cookbook and created own version of spiralizer, known as Inspiralizer. Then she used to sell the item on her website.

She started receiving profits from some affiliate links on cookbook or whenever she recommended products she believed can work. That helped her to make around $7000 every month on Amazon. Even some brands asked her to use their items in Hersey City Kitchen and share experiences on social media. Each post got her an additional $1500. It is the clients, which always used to bring up the IG feed. Right now, she has around 2 million monthly page views on blog, but the businesses seem to value IG followers more.

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These above mentioned 3 women are few of the many out there, who have used IG to be the perfect platform for the growth of their career. Things will start to work out great for them and it will do the same for you, once you tried. You can go out for the stories more to get inspiration and start what you love the most in this social platform.